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  • Victor Wong

SparkleCOIN ($SCTK) disrupts music industry and adds up to $102M to token demand.

SparkleCOIN announces the first user of its new SPRK Awards Platform - AVandaway, which was created to convert an existing $160M/yr music download company into exclusively using the SPRK Awards Platform and the SparkleCOIN $SCTK token.

Incorporating a sweepstakes component to their business model, the music download company awards up to 61% of the revenues back to the customers who can win by playing gaming kiosks in retail locations throughout the state of Texas. This amount, estimated to be up to $102M, will be distributed through the SPRK Awards Platform with options for the payouts to be made using SparkleCOINs $SCTK to directly drive demand for the token.

Customers purchase songs for $1 each and are provided free points to play the various games on the kiosks or their portable devices. The winners are predetermined by the software, for example, the 10,000th play wins, so it’s considered a sweepstakes and not a game of chance.

Winners are awarded tokens valued at $1 through the SPRK Awards Platform that are kept in their account. They can then use the tokens to purchase more songs, food or drinks at the locations, or other products or services. The tokens can also be redeemed for SparkleCOINs $SCTK that can be cashed out or traded for other cryptocurrencies.

Based on a geographic location, the customers are channeled to the locations to purchase the songs and to collect their awards. This helps to increase traffic to stores such as bar, clubs, restaurants, and package stores that have been really hurt by closures from COVID-19.

Working together, SparkleCOIN and AVandaway will pursue the entire Texas market estimated at $500M/yr in addition to all other applicable states and countries worldwide.

Currently $SCTK is listed in SouthXchange:

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